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Love-Your-Life-Project-logoI set up the Love Your Life Project as a way of giving back, unfortunately I haven’t had the time to devote to it that I originally intended, but we still offer pro bono coaching to individuals/organisations, in a position of influence, who want to make a difference. This coaching could be about supporting you so that you can work more effectively, or it could be about assisting you to achieve a specific goal. If you fit this criteria and are interested in being coached please fill in the contact form below. Tell us what you want to achieve and how we can help you.

Coaches offering their services are listed at the end of this page, if you find a coach that you particularly want to work with, please let us know. Coaching is done by phone or Skype so location is not important.

Please tell us if you are offering coaching or want to be coached. 

Where you live – state/country
Availability for coaching – daytime night time (this is often done by phone or Skype)
What you want help with/or what you want to coach on



All of the coaches below are happy to offer pro bono coaching. Coaches are not counsellors but they can still assist people to set standards, love themselves, establish positive habits and create strategies to achieve goals.

P1000455Anne Hartley,  Sydney
I am the founder of the Love Your Life Project and owner of Hart Life Coaching, a training school. I have worked as a life coach since 1998 and prior to that I coached people on financial matters. I have a wide experience of life and business skills. I only coach during business hours.



Laura 2014Laura Hartley London & the world
Prior to becoming a life coach I worked as a practice manager for a large medical specialist practice. The practice was only just starting when I joined and grew substantially during the period I worked there, so I have management and marketing experience. I also have event management experience. I will soon be leaving London and travelling the world. I love to help people change limiting beliefs so they can craft a rich and meaningful life.


Gabriela Fidelis (2)Gabriela Fidelis, Sydney
I am originally from Brazil and have just finished my apprenticeship as a metaphysical mindset coach. It would make me happy to help others and to evolve myself as a coach.

Although I speak English my website is still in Portugese.  I am available to coach most afternoons.



Mandy Wurth life coachMandy Wurth, South Australia
I am near the end of my study to be a life coach, but I have been working as a coach now for around 10 years in the real estate industry. I am available for coaching nights and weekends. Skype or phone.

I am interested in coaching women of all ages. I have keen interest in assisting with personal growth in all areas of their lives. I don’t have a website as yet but you can follow me on my facebook page.



Life coach Christine CowinChristine Cowin, Newcastle NSW
I am a life coach and I like to help people discover the part of themselves that is holding them back so that they can become their true selves. I am available to coach on Monday nights. I have done a lot of training including EFT, theta healing, reiki, dream psychology and holistic counselling.




Theresa DonovanTheresa Donovan, Busselton WA
I have a wide range of life skills and have just completed my life coach training. I also teach mindfulness and meditation. I am a Reiki Master and teacher. I have worked with abused women. I use my skills to assist people to become all that they can be, living the life that they choose.




Julie-StaplesJulie Staples, Newcastle NSW
I work as a life coach and trainer as well as owning my own accounting practice. I am available to coach during the day or evening. I have a financial background so can always help out with financial coaching or marketing, although I can coach on most areas as well.





Shannon, Sydney

I coach professionals and people who wants to regain control over their fitness and weight. I work on a holistic transformation starting from the mind, working through the body. I am flexible with timing for pro bono clients. My website will be launched in a couple of weeks so will share the link when it’s available.



Life coach Irena CatherallIrena Catherall, Sydney
My name is Irena and I am a certified life coach. I would love to offer my services to assist with worthy causes.


3 Responses
  1. I just stumbled upon you by a link provided by Wendy Betterini. My name is Simmy. I live in Burwood, Sydney. I’m a mother of two young ladies ages 12 & 8. My passion is in positive psychology and the magic surrounding it.

    There was an instant recognition when reading your bio and then when I noticed you provided Pro Bono Coaching, I wanted to assist you but I’m not sure how I can be of help. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

    I’m great with people particularly children & I love animals. I’ve been told, I have a beautiful energy and a pure light that surrounds me. I’ve been told this by so many people some I’ve just met. I’m just a happy woman, nicknamed Smiley.

    I have so much time during the day as my job is very quiet and lovely. I noticed you were very busy so if you need assistance with the pro bono offer, I will help you help others.

  2. Hello, my name is Di O’Keeffe & I like the sound of Christine Cowin, as she is based in Newcastle & I live in Newcastle city.

    I need someone on a “one to one basis” to teach me the art of meditation again. I practiced it back in 1997 & it helped me greatly. I desperately need it now.

    Could you please let me know if you received my details. I’m sorry, but I am 67 years old & sometimes don’t understand as well as I should.

    Regards Di O’Keeffe

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