Life Coaching

faith is taking the first step
Life coaching is profoundly different to psychology, counselling, or any type of therapy. Coaching is about self empowerment as all of the answers are within us, a good coach facilitates your awakening or awareness.

As a coach my role is to ask questions that bring clarity to your life, that support you to recognise where you go off track, and what steps to take next. Coaching is about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. I will  make suggestions, provide a different perspective, challenge you to be more and hold you accountable, always in a supportive way.

Coaching is one of the most powerful, life changing gifts you can give yourself. I don’t work with many people nowadays, and I only work with people who are willing to change. If you are interested in being coached by me we start with a brief introductory chat by phone, then if you are happy to proceed we book a coaching session. I work with people from all over the world but only take on clients who can talk during business hours Australian EST.

Coaching is done by phone or Skype. Cost per session is $200. Please phone 61 2 9940-1575 to arrange a chat or email:

What Clients say….

I was at first skeptical about seeking a life coach as I have a very good life and felt guilty for not being satisfied and wanting more. Anne has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. She is such a treat. I cannot wait for our next session not only to share with her my progress, but to be once again inspired and aim for more.
Kate Murray

I have never met Anne but speak to her over the phone like an old friend. There are many benefits I have received from Anne’s life coaching such as understanding my values and why values drive so much of what I do in everyday life that make me happy. In addition, the work on archetypes gives another perspective to personal development. However, what is great about working with Anne is that there may be time lapses of a few years and we will be able to pick up from our last session. Anne reminds me about discussions from previous sessions which provide an opportunity to measure have far I have grown in life’s journey.

However, it is Anne’s coaching skills that help to provide clarity on whatever is the topic of my session. Anne’s warm and caring attitude together with her empathy and support help to facilitate a different perspective on the answers I am seeking.
Karina Samperi

A coach like Anne adds a new dimension to the way we think, reflect, look at ourselves and how we define ourselves in terms of the values of what we believe in, what our potential is and who we want to be. It was a pleasure and a blessing by fate that Anne came into my life when I needed such a guidance. The number one lesson I learned from my journey with her is the imporatnce of commiting to living by values.
Joseph Lo, Bhutan

The process Anne works with is truly life changing. I can’t wait for our sessions each week.
Heather Carmichael, Queensland

My own Life Coaching career arose from being a client of Anne Hartley’s. After spending years studying personal development I was looking for more and certainly found it with Anne’s life Coaching process. The process is simple, concise and so effective. Confronting all the steps and working with my own values has empowered me in every aspect of my life.
Annie Miller, Sydney

Anne, through her unique values-driven process, provides unique insights which helps individuals realise their full potential. I highly recommend Anne as a coach.
Andrew Towner, Singapore

I came for coaching because of was thinking of a career change, I found me instead. I now know who I am and what makes me happy. I give Anne and her process the credit for the happy person I am today.
Noel, New Zealand