Turning Dissatisfaction into Opportunity

It’s happened to me before and this year it happened again. I am running a successful business then one day I wake up to realise I’m not enjoying it any more. What happened?

This is a question that I have asked myself many times, “How can I go from loving what I do to not enjoying it anymore?”

When you ask this question there are usually two options, change direction or make the most of where you are at, and many people don’t like either option.

If you have ever felt like changing direction in any area of your life you will know that a lot of factors influence your choices. There are family commitments. Financial obligations. The feelings of your partner. Your need for financial security and/or freedom.

Instead of making a rash decision like I’ve done many times before, this time I paused. Seriously, we all need to pause and reflect more often. I asked myself, “Why did I start this business in the first place?”

My answer was “to help people by sharing what I’ve learnt. To give me greater freedom.”

We often equate working for ourselves with freedom, and in some ways it give us that but it can also take away our freedom.

By pausing and reflecting we have time to research what other people have done. To go within and ask questions. What I learnt from reading Seth Godin, a successful author and entrepreneur, is that our mission and our business goals aren’t necessarily the same. My mission is to “Help people believe in themselves and their dreams. To inspire and provide them with the tools to create a life they love.”  What I want from a business is stimulation and freedom.

By taking time to reflect I realised that in my attempt to help as many people as possible, combined with my strong sense of duty, I kept adding courses, and while it filled my need for stimulation in the short term, ultimately it took away my freedom. So, for the past six months I have been asking myself what my ideal business looks like. This has been such a great experience because I have had time to experiment and find out what works for me.

This may be a little harder to do if you are working for an employer but you can still check in with your heart several times a day and ask, ‘Does this bring me joy?’ Keep asking this question during your home time as well so that you can add in more activities that make you happy. If you get a lot of negative responses check in to see if it is really your circumstances making you unhappy, or your attitude. If it’s your attitude then you need to challenge your perception and look for the good.

Heart Coherence

If you have decided that it’s time to change don’t be reckless and put yourself in a financially vulnerable position, prepare for the life you ultimately want to live. You can prepare by studying, researching, making a plan, getting ready for your new life. The more you do this the more the universe will support you. And sometimes you will need to be courageous and step out of the life you are living to make way for the new.

There is a simple heart coherence exercise that HeartMath teaches which allows your heart to connect with your subconscious. When you feed your subconscious regularly with images, thoughts and words about what you want it goes in search of ways to draw that into your life. A couple of times a day, place your hand on your heart. Take a few deep breaths. Focus your attention on being grateful. Give thanks that your ideal life is here now.

That’s it. There will always be some people who will scoff, but I know from personal experience that it works. I am finding joy in my work again and business is flowing better than it was when I offered more courses. Just remember to be open and willing to act when the opportunity comes along.

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  1. Thank you Anne. I’m trying this right now. 💖

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