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Ask for What You Want

When you ask for what you want and take responsibility for yourself you cannot help but succeed. This is what the law of attraction is all about.

At one time Joanne, a neighbour I didn’t know, knocked on my door and very hesitantly asked if she could pay to have one of my trees trimmed. Joanne and her husband were planning to put their house up for sale, and as my tree obstructed their water view, removing the branches could make a significant difference to the sale price. I was quite happy to agree to her request and asked her to show me the offending tree.

When she showed me the tree I said, “I hate that tree, it’s a weed and it’s casting too much shade on my garden. I’m going to have it cut down one day”.

Joanne said, “Would you like me to have the tree removed for you?”

Joanne’s courage to ask for what she wanted resulted in my having a tree which I didn’t want removed, as well as having my palm trees trimmed, saving me of a couple of thousand dollars. Joanne increased the value of her property by gaining uninterrupted views. When it was all agreed upon Joanne breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I am so glad I asked you”. I heartily agreed as her courage resulted in a win/win situation for all of us.

When I was a financial planner I was interviewed at one time by a freelance journalist. As we were chatting I casually asked, “If you come across any magazines wanting a financial columnist, will you tell them about me?” It was just a casual request made while talking to someone pleasant. That request led to my writing for several newspapers and magazines and gave me the confidence to believe I could write a book one day.

There is, energetically, a huge difference between ‘I think’, ‘I wish’, ‘I want’, ‘I hope’ and ‘I know’. When you act as if you know all things are possible you can move mountains. Even when you doubt yourself the energy of a group of people focusing on a goal can help you to find a way where there appears to be no way. However, you also need to be open that your requests may be filled in a different way to what you imagine. Being fixated on achieving a goal in a certain way can limit you.


By asking other people to support your intention in their meditation or prayers you can overcome obstacles that you may find difficult to overcome alone. For 20 years now I have asked course participants to share a goal they want to achieve and asked the group to support that person’s intention for at least 30 days. I have never stipulated how participants should do this, or for how long each day and I have never known for sure how many people actually follow it through. However, I do know that some incredible goals have been achieved as a result of this exercise.

When you ask for something you need, be open to your request being fulfilled in a different way to what you imagine. Being fixated on achieving a goal in a certain way can limit you. Michael Beckwith[1] tells the story of one of the students in Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership classes. Donna was suffering from kidney disease and was on the waiting list for a transplant. She asked the class to pray that she would be moved up the list. Michael suggested that they pray to heal the kidneys she already had and Donna told him that her kidney disease was so rare that it couldn’t be healed. She asked again that they pray that she be moved up the transplant list. Michael suggested that while they were waiting for her to be moved up the transplant list that they do an experiment in prayer to see what they could do about healing her existing kidneys. She agreed.

Michael asked the group to give thanks every time they went to the bathroom for their healthy functioning kidneys and to give thanks for Donna’s healthy functioning kidneys. A few months later Donna tearfully told the group that her kidneys had spontaneously begun functioning normally and they have continued to do so.

You can ask friends or family to support your intentions or you can add your name to prayer sites freely available over the Internet. You can start or join a meditation group where you can support each other and your community by regularly meditating on the intentions of each person.


  • Think about what you can ask for. You can ask for money, for help, for someone to pray for you, a hug or for someone to listen to you. Be grateful for any requests that are granted.
  • When you ask expect to receive, otherwise you set yourself up for failure.
  • If any of your requests are not granted, accept their refusal graciously.

[1] Michael Beckwith, Spiritual Liberation, Atria Books, New York, 2008.


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