Financially Free Online Course

Financially Free – Think Rich to be Rich

financially free workbookFinancially Free is the title of my first book that became a runaway best seller. It changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. This course is an updated version of this book and I offer it freely so it can assist you to improve your life.

The problem for most people is that no one taught us how to think about money. There is plenty of information and advice on saving, spending, earning and investing money, but precious little about having a healthy relationship with it.

It’s almost as if we should understand our attitudes towards money, but the truth is that we often act on what we’ve been taught, or observed in the world around us, which might be why money is such a prominent cause of tension in so many relationships.

Simply having more money doesn’t always make us happy money managers, any more than having a spouse always makes us happily married.

Money is the ‘significant other’ in many people’s lives that we often assume will make us happy just by being there. Many people are held back from fully realising their full potential by ingrained attitudes to money picked up from parents, siblings and significant others. Just knowing what we should do doesn’t mean we do it. If you want more money you need to understand what it means to you and what motivates you.

Money can dredge up challenging emotions or behaviours whenever it’s raised as a subject.

When I was a young woman, I was a single mother who lived on the poverty line. I was fascinated by anything to do with thinking rich.Several years later, after starting and building a couple of businesses with no money, I was asked to set up a women’s money advisory service called The Financial Woman. 

My clients were a blessing as some were very wealthy, and others were women who wanted to be financially free, but had very little money. What I learnt from working with all types of people, and from my own life experiences, enabled me to assist thousands of people to attain financial freedom. I first ran a version of this course in 1987 and conducted it for many years.

Are you ready for your life to change?

If you are ready for your life to change then Financially Free can show you the impact of how you think and talk about money has on your finances. It will help you recognise what money means to you. To understand any values conflicts you may have in your relationships. To understand what you money blocks are and show you habits you need to develop to attain financial freedom.

As you work through the course you will gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious beliefs and actions around money that cause you stress, anxiety, and fear.

  • During the course you will learn:
    Why understanding your money values is so important
  • Some positive habits
  • How to manage conflicting needs
  • Why it’s important to love your money
  • Why you need to love yourself to allow more of it into your life
  • What you need to know about  money
  • How your emotions impact your financial situation

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