How to love the life you live wherever you are at right now

It’s timely that I am creating an online course called Love the Life You Live right now because at this moment I don’t really love my life.

Some may think it’s hypocritical to teach what I haven’t mastered, but one of the things I know is that happiness is not a static state, there is an ebb and flow to life, and right now I am in the ebb stage. This feeling that I am experiencing right now is only temporary as there is much about my life that I wouldn’t change, it just needs tweaking, and there are some things I need to accept.

Nature is a great teacher and there is so much we can learn from it just by observing. I love spring, summer and autumn but I’m not fond of winter. I don’t like cold and rainy days and grey skies always have a negative impact on my mood. But I have learnt so much from nature and more specifically from gardening. For plants winter is a time of dormancy, a time to regroup and prepare for warmer days ahead. For us humans, the down times in life are a time to reflect and prepare for the good times.

The step, from Love the Life You Life, I am focusing on at the moment is, ‘You can have everything you want when you don’t need it’.  This means that when you have done everything you can, the wisest thing you can do is surrender and accept what is knowing that what you want is on its way. The problem for most people who attempt this is that they try to accept before having done all that they can. Then they wonder why their life doesn’t change.

So what does doing all the work really mean? Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind that created them”. So, a vital part of preparing for what you want is to be aware of where you are placing your attention on a daily basis. Are you thinking about what’s missing, or how crappy you feel? Do you talk about your problems or are you constantly searching for solutions? These habits take us away from what we want. To create a life we love we need to think, speak and act as if we already believe that it’s only a matter of time until what we want turns up in our lives.

Now this isn’t always easy to do, but it’s not impossible either, you just need to take baby steps.

  1. Do three things every day that bring you joy. Now joy may feel like a big leap for you, but remember this: joy starts out as pleasure, moves up to happiness and then becomes joy. So to start do something that brings you pleasure such as talking to a friend, reading a good book, engaging in an activity you enjoy. Three things every single day and before long you may find that these simple tasks will plant the seed that grows into the belief that you can have what you really want.
  2. Challenge your thoughts. To be able to challenge your thoughts you need to observe them then, whenever you notice yourself dwelling on a thought that limits you, challenge it. Ask yourself, “Is this true?” Byron Katie’s work is based on three questions that challenge thoughts and it can be life changing. If you don’t already know of it I suggest you check it out.
  3. Prepare for what you want. Even when I have no idea how I am going to achieve a goal I always start preparing for it. So do something at least five days a week that will take you closer to your goal. For me right now, that is doing something on the online course, and exploring volunteering opportunities as I know I need to connect with others more. When I didn’t own a home I used to go looking at different areas and homes to see where I wanted to live. When I wanted to renovate I looked through magazines and saved pictures. And when I didn’t have enough money to do the things I wanted to do I looked for ways to help others get what they wanted, sometimes by giving money away anonymously, or helping someone in need, or doing probono work.

Plants have a temperature memory that tells them when to bloom, just as you have a memory of what you makes you happy, Happiness is not in a place, a person, or even in an unachieved goal, it’s in your attitude. Your ability to flow with what is during the down times knowing that you’ve done the work and the sunshine is on it’s way.




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  1. I love this Anne. Thank you for sharing. I am determined to visit Italy next year with my sister to see a dear friend but am not sure how to finance it but I know it will happen so I just spend my available time planning the trip and working my way in tiny steps towards it!! Love your work xx

  2. Perfect timing to read this for me Anne, I feel exactly the same and have made a conscious decision over the last few days to re-establish some daily habits I had let slip to get out of this winter funk.

    Good luck creating your new course, sounds great !

  3. This is so true. At the moment I am dreaming of a house renovation. Whilst I don’t have the money right now I am decluttering my house getting rid of everything that wil have to be chucked out and boxing up stuff that I want to keep but will have to go into storage while I renovate. I’m sorting out the garden in preparation for the new deck I intend to have and doing all the physical preparations so when I have the money I’m going to be completely ready to go. I feel so excited about it and have no doubt in my mind it is going to happen. The anticipation is making me happy.

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