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How Being a Life Coach Changed My Life

Working as a life coach was only supposed to be a short term thing until I worked out what I wanted to do, but even now 20 years later, I still coach some clients. When I made the decision to work as a life coach I had no idea what an impact that choice would have on my life. I didn’t decide to become a life coach because I felt a calling. I just knew I enjoyed working with and helping people, and I couldn’t think of anything else. For me it was something to do until the right opportunity came along.

David was one of my very first clients. He had been diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 and the fact that he had lived with that condition for 14 years was quite a feat as AIDS was a death sentence at that time. David said that he made the decision very early on that AIDS was not going to kill him, but said that ‘Even though I was fighting to change the belief that AIDS would kill me, AIDS controlled my life totally’.  It took three years for David to reach a space where he believed he could shift his focus to being healed and he has lived from that space ever since. While I was working with David he was on the last drug available, all others had ceased working but he always focused on being happy, positive, surrounding himself with laughter and humour. The last time I heard from David was a couple of years ago, 30 years after his initial diagnosis.

One of the great gifts that comes from being a life coach, or doing any work where you help others, is that they help you as much if not more, than you help them. The gift I received from David was knowing that I could make a difference to someone who really needed support. He inspired me to be more and do more.

Another of my early life coach clients was a lesbian who was trying to get pregnant. At that time I didn’t agree with this because I worried about the prejudice the child would face, and I was still a little homophobic. I had to work on myself to ensure that my feelings never came across to my client. My client did get pregnant, and had a lovely little girl, and fortunately attitudes have changed. Over the years I have worked with many gay and lesbian clients and I have learnt so much from them, it has been a privilege because they helped me become a more accepting person.

Two of the big issues that have challenged me throughout my life were my struggles with money, and my inability to accept. I can have a tendency to judge and to resist what is. I have helped some people achieve financial goals that at first seemed impossible and in the process of doing so I overcame my own limiting beliefs about money. The gift I am always conscious of bringing to coaching is acceptance, and clients and students often come into my life to remind me where I need to work on myself more.

Being a life coach helped me establish positive habits

Abraham Hicks uses the metaphor of a river representing life. The majority of people try to shape life to fit what they think it should be and when they do this they swim upstream where they always fight the current. This is an emotionally and physically exhausting way of living that leads to chronic stress. If you read over any of my old blogs you will see how many times I decided to live a calm life. It took a quite a while for me to stop resisting but the benefits of flowing with life are something I highly recommend.

All we have to do is relax, stop fighting what is and float, the stream will take us in the direction that will ultimately make us happiest, just remember there may be some lessons to learn along the way. Flowing with life doesn’t mean that we aren’t proactive, set goals or plan. It simply means that whenever we encounter an obstacle the easiest way to overcome it is to flow with what is while continuing to look for an easier way.

But by far the greatest gift I have received from working as a life coach is that I am now the person I want to be. My focus is primarily on the positive. That’s the benefit of constant reinforcement. When I worked in the corporate world I was negative, even when I thought I was positive and I often felt despondent. My life didn’t change because my circumstances changed. My life changed when I changed. Working as a life coach has supported that change.

Flowing with life is always about trust. Trusting that if you do your bit, life will support you and guide you to the people and the place that will make you happiest.

The journey to where we want to be is rarely as straight forward as we would like it to be, but by allowing life to lead us, we sometimes find that we end up somewhere better than we originally planned.



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  1. Thank you Anne,
    I’ve just finished reading your book “Love the life you live” and thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m also loving your blogs.
    Your teachings resonate with so many of my core beliefs.
    I was once a dance teacher and choreographer. My career was in the entertainment industry for my whole adult life. A very ego based industry and as a dancer very focused on the physical body. After having my 2 children I discovered Yoga and did my Yoga teachers training course and began to teach Yoga to my dance students. Over time as a result of a shoulder injury from my dance career, I developed a neck injury that forced me into an early retirement of sorts..Since then I have done much soul searching and began on a spiritual journey as I asked the question “What is my life purpose if I can’t teach?”
    I have been a devoted listener/reader of Abraham Hicks, Louise Haye, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and Kyle Gray. I also listen to Haye House Radio all the time.
    I’ve been searching for a course that could lead me into a life of service. I’ve always wanted to help people but wasn’t sure which direction to go in and your life coaching course just popped onto my internet feed while I was looking into something else and I read your website and just knew that your life coaching course is perfect for me at this point in my life.
    Our family is travelling overseas to visit the in laws this year. I won’t be able to commit to the course to the best of my ability in 2018 with this trip happening. I am 100 percent doing the course though in 2019! I would like to speak to you soon about that. I will give you a call later on this month when my children go back to school.
    I really look forward to speaking with you.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Michelle,

      It is lovely to hear from you and it’s lovely to hear you enjoy my writing. When you are ready just call and I am happy to have a chat, our phone number is on the top right hand corner of our website.

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