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This is How We Change the World

I often write about focusing on the good, on what you want in life, and while I still encourage you to do this, I am asking you to do something more, to actively be a part of the change we want to see in the world.

Stress has reached epidemic proportions. Appalling acts of violence are perpetrated on innocent victims around the world. Teens are ending their lives because they feel hopeless, or they are bullied. It has to end and the end can start right here – right now.

Change doesn’t have to be hard, all we need do is to start by making simple changes in our own lives, this changes our energy field, which in turn has a positive impact on the world around us.

HeartMath, the scientific organisation which studies the heart, says that we as individuals have the power to change ourselves, the world around us and even planetary environments and we do this with our emotions. Please note that the following statement from HeartMath is based on solid scientific findings:

“Attitudes of coherent genuine love, appreciation, care and compassion change a field environment – both locally – say in a meeting you are in – and throughout the world. Coherence is a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart. Heart coherence serves as a facilitator, adding strength and effectiveness to your care, compassion, intentions and actions to help the world.

“The electromagnetic field generated by the heart is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body. Studies conducted in HMI’s laboratory have shown that the heart’s electromagnetic field can be detected by other individuals and can produce measurable effects in a person 5 feet away. Our data show that the heart’s electromagnetic field becomes more organized during positive emotional – heart-coherent – states.”

I urge you to join me in being the change by taking regular, consistent, positive changes to the way you respond, feel and act. By doing this we can create an energy field of positivity, hope and joy that will have a ripple effect across the globe.

To change the world we need to stop judging and look for the good

That means that right here and right now you need to change some of the things you do, such as criticising millenials or Gen Z (the following generation). I know I’ve done my share of this but since I’ve employed so many of them I can see these are the generations that are going to change the world. You just have to witness the uprising of the survivors of the Florida school shooting, to see that this generation most likely will be the ones to change America’s insane gun laws.

You may think this is only one instance but so many of our young people are doing wonderful things and the following stories cover only a small example of the power of today’s youth.

Cassidy Strickland was just 12 when she noticed a homeless man rummaging in a bin for food near her house. She told her Mum she wanted to do something and together with her mother they started feeding homelesss people in their local park in Hawkesbury region of NSW. Since then they have built up a network of volunteers, obtained food from restaurants and businesses, and have fed over 77,000 people. I estimate Cassidy is now 15 and she has plans to fund a local drop in centre.

Ava McCann was born with hip problems and had trouble walking and jumping. Her mother enrolled her in martial arts and by the time she was six she won several national titles. Ava says that what she has learnt from martial arts is to be respectful and kind. Most weekends she volunteers at Sydney’s Wayside Chapel which helps support homeless and marginalised people.

When Abigail Lupi was 10, when she visited her grandmother in a nursing home and noticed how many residents didn’t have many visitors and were lonely.

She started CareGirlz, a troupe of young singers and dancers who spend their time performing for free for aged care homes and hospitals. They also take time to chat with the residents. CareGirlz has brightened the lives of over 1,000 people and is growing every year.

Now I must admit these kids sound like they have some amazing parents too, and people like this inspire me to be more and do more, and I hope they encourage you too.

This is how we change the world 

To change the world you don’t need a lot of money, time or skill. You just need to work at making simple, consistent, positive changes to your everyday habits and the way you respond to life’s events.

All of the campaigns listed on my Be the Difference web site, are simple and easy to implement such as:

  • Be kind to everyone, even that rude, obnoxious person. Imagine the ripple effect that a world filled with predominantly kind people could have. We could stop cyber-bullying and save young lives.
  • Spread joy. Create a joy jar filled with notes of what you like about a person and give it to them. If we did more of this for someone we know struggles with mood swings, we could drastically reduce depression.
  • Buy one extra item a week in your grocery shopping to put in a care pack for the homeless. You can find out where to drop these off on our site.
  • Look for the good rather than complaining about the bad.
  • Offer to take an elderly neighbour’s dog for a walk.
  • Download the Dreamlab app and support cancer research while you recharge your mobile phone.
  • The more we focus on being kind, positive and considerate we produce a energy field which has a positive impact on the people around us.

Imagine if we had people in every neighbourhood doing this, even if it’s only one person to begin with, you would influence others positively. As each person joins you the ripple extends to encompass more people. This is how we change the world. And the added bonus is that you will feel happier, healthier and be more successful as a result of doing this.

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  1. Thanks Anne – if only we listened to and followed our hearts a little more often…

  2. Absolutely fantastic Anne, thanks for sharing. Definitely by doing positive uplifting things for others makes a dramatic change for good.

    1. Thanks Anne, this was another great reminder into how giving can change the world. It all starts with small steps and then it grows into great positive changes for us and for others. It’s the Pay- it- Forward concept of giving and sharing.

  3. Thanks Anne! A beautiful reminder that service is the highest activity to which we can aspire!

  4. Thanks Anne! What a great reminder! I’ve been reading about this very subject in Living In the Light by Shakti Gawain. Thank you for such a timely and precious reminder today xxxxx

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