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How ordinary People Can Make A Difference

When we hear about some of the terrible things that happen in the world it’s easy to focus on what’s wrong. To feel insignificant in the face of such tragedy. To think that we will never find peace in our world. But there are more kind, caring people in this world than those who wish to do us harm, and by joining together and using our energy to be the difference we can change the world.

To the rest of the world my Dad was an ordinary man. To my Mum, my sister and I he was a ‘saint’. Dad never sought acknowledgement, and most people would never have realised what a vast contribution this quiet, unassuming man made with his life. Dad lived his life in service to others, he always volunteered, donated money, helped friends, family and neighbours when he could and he did it all with such grace, generosity and kindness in his heart. I never heard my Dad say a bad word about anyone, and as a teenager that drove me mad because I never thought I could live up to the standard he set. As an adult I am inspired to be more like him.

My Dad was raised by a woman that he described as the kindest person he had ever known.  One of the outstanding, and funniest memories I have of my grandmother was seeing her in bed following a fall that left her with amnesia for a short period of time. Even though she didn’t know who anyone was, she slipped each person money as they said goodbye, which was promptly collected by my aunt at the front door.

Dad and my grandmother didn’t do anything publicly recognisable. They didn’t talk about making a difference they were people who did it through the way they lived their lives.

My grandmother had six children. My uncles and aunts (there is only one left) were amongst the nicest people I’ve known. Whenever anyone in the family needed help my aunts and uncles would turn up to help out. When the family home, which one of their sisters was still living in, fell into disrepair the brothers organised a weekly working bee to fix it, even though most of them were in their seventies at the time.

My uncles and aunts in turn raised 22 children, who are also the nicest, kindest, most generous people I’ve known. One of my cousins, took a leave of absence from work to help his much younger brother build his house, and said it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life. When I commented to one of my cousins how lucky she was to have brothers to help her out if she needed it she said, “We are here to help you too, just ask.”

The point I want to make with this blog is not to brag about my family but to emphasise that you don’t have to do something ‘big’ with your life to make a difference. You just have be the difference, by being conscious of the choices you make, and how you act on a daily basis.

HeartMath, a scientific organisation dedicated to researching the power of the heart, says: “Radiating love into the planetary field environment increases the positive energy, making it easier for the planet and its inhabitants to shift and transmute the accumulated negative energy. Even sending two minutes of loving care a day to mother earth can make a big difference.”

How you can Be the Difference

You can be the difference by allowing others to see who you really are, the real you that you often hide because you don’t like being vulnerable. And we can all make a big difference by accepting others as they are. People who lash out at each other whether verbally, or through violence, are people expressing their fear. Don’t join them by hiding your light.

You can be the difference by putting your fears and insecurities aside and allowing your true nature to shine. You may be funny, light-hearted, kind, generous, caring, supportive, peace loving, you may have any number of wonderful qualities. You allow your light to shine by standing up for what you believe in a way that matches the best parts of you. If you are someone who values peace you may have a tendency to keep your opinions to yourself rather than saying something that people will disagree with. You could make more of a difference though by speaking your truth in a kind and compassionate way.

Being the difference is about changing the way we respond on an individual level as well as a global level. Judging doesn’t work. War doesn’t change anything.
Hating others only creates more discord. We be the difference by responding to: criticism with kindness; fear with faith; doubt with trust: hate with love.

It’s about accepting 100% responsibility for the world around us. It’s about ending the cycle of unrealistic growth which is destroying western economies. It is about putting the needs of people before profit.

My Dad and my grandmother made a huge difference with their lives by being kind and generous and that they passed that legacy onto their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. What can you do?

Please check out my Be the Difference movement and join me in creating a better world


4 Responses
  1. Hi Anne,
    I appreciate what you share about being vulnerable – being open and vulnerable has really helped me move forward in areas of my growth.

  2. Hi Anne. This is so like my parents, little extra money to donate but always plenty of time. We three girls were brought up in this way. Thanks for sharing your story Anne.

  3. Wow, what an inspiring story, it actually brought tears of love to me when you described your dad, grandmother and family. This is truly the way, my husband is very much like your dad, and I’ve even been annoyed with how he can go out of his way to help others, though this has rubbed off on me and i am becoming more like the person he is in terms of kindness and giving. It’s easy for me to be that way with my family, but it’s strangers or even neighbours i don’t have much to do with, that i learn from his lead to just be giving. Thank you for sharing, you are so right, this is the only way to truly make a difference. I will check out your movement for a better world. Thank you for all you are doing towards making that happen.

    1. Thank you so much for you comments, you husband sounds lovely. Remember to share your ideas we need more.

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