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Anne Hartley author life coach


I started my working life in office administration and all I ever dreamt of was getting married and having a family. I never had any intention of becoming an entrepreneur, but when I was in my twenties I was a single mother with two young children and I lived on the poverty line. As I wasn’t prepared to live that way. I started looking for ways I could make money, and my first business, a typing service, was started from my kitchen table without any money at all. In those days I hired a typewriter each time a job came in until I could afford to buy one.

One business evolved into another and over the years I have owned a secretarial service, a recruitment business, a garden accessory manufacturing business, a financial planning business, a couple of medical typing businesses and published a magazine and for the last twenty years I have owned a training school which trains life coaches and meditation teaches via distance training.

My first book, Financially Free, was published in 1990 and was a big success, much bigger than I expected. Since then I’ve written several books including: Debt Free, The Psychology of Money, Love the Life You Live, Love Your Money Love Your Life, Life Lessons. As well as this I ghost wrote a number of books for other people. .

I am now in my early seventies, with no plans to ever retire, but this is my time for giving back through my work, this blog, my books and my non-profit movement Be the Difference Movement.

With each year that passes I feel happier, more fulfilled and passionate about life and I want everyone else to feel the same.

I hope you will sign up for my blog updates. If you like my work please share my posts or comment on a blog. Feel free to ask me a question if you need help.

I have two adult daughters. I live on Pittwater on the idyllic northern beaches of Sydney with one of my daughters and my animals.