About Anne Hartley


Anne Hartley author life coach


Throughout my life I’ve experienced living on the poverty line, financial loss, the death of a child, life threatening illness in another, a teenager with major depression. I’ve also experienced joy, love, success beyond my wildest dreams, been a best-selling author and owned several successful businesses. That’s life it is full of ebbs and flows, learning and growing from all of life’s experiences is what makes life rich and meaningful.

I am now in my early seventies and this is my time for giving back through by Be the Difference Movement, Sharing what I’ve learnt through my business Hart Life Coaching, which trains life coaches and meditation teachers, this blog and courses I conduct.

I’ve had many careers over the course of my lifetime, I started in office administration, became a financial planner, author and life coach. I started my first business with absolutely no money working from my kitchen table. I have no plans to ever retire although I may slow down a little.

I am happy, fulfilled and passionate about life and I want to help as many people as I can to reach that state as well.

I hope you will sign up for my blog updates, if you like my work tell people about me, and feel free to ask me a question.

Anne Hartley has written seven books. She delivers courses on how to be happier. She also trains life coaches and meditation teachers to do the same. Anne has two adult daughters and lives around Pittwater, on the idyllic northern beaches of Sydney with her two dogs and two cats.